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About Fund Filer

Fund Filer is an easy solution to recording the right records in the right way for making Gift Aid repayment claims correctly.
It will save you a huge amount of time. Use it to keep track of all your donors and donations. When you are ready, reclaim Gift Aid in just a few clicks. Fund Filer uses full xml data submission without any of the inconvenience and expense of software upgrades or fiddly uploading of spreadsheets.
Fund Filer does not require you to throw away all your existing accounting methods in order to use it. Instead it supports your wider accounts administration by allowing you to download the data you need from Fund Filer in Microsoft Excel format.
And, being online, there is no software to install, no manuals to read or training required. You can work at home or office, anywhere with an internet connection, and appoint others on your account to help you.
Try our online live demonstration to see the service in action for yourself.

The benefits of Fund Filer

Fund Filer brings you huge time saving advantages over manual or spreadsheet-based record keeping:

  • Ease and economy of set-up, no need to choose, buy and learn software.
  • Convenient. Works anywhere with online access, at home or office.
  • Works on any operating system.
  • Very easy repayment claims with HMRC. Just a few clicks.
  • Stronger cashflow. Ease of use means regular reclaims.
  • Ease of transfer. No delays or new set-ups on change of officers.
  • Always HMRC compliant. Upgrades included in the subscription.
  • Fully secure site featuring SSL encryption. Backed up daily.
  • Ability to upload and download your data in Excel spreadsheet format.

From collection to claim

As a subscriber, you have your own secure area within the website, accessible by a username and password chosen by you when you register. From here you can use your account to:

  • Set up details for your organisation including multiple funds, community buildings, connected charities and up to five users. Different access levels are available, allowing supervisory and assistant operation.
  • Set up donor details. These can include non-taxpayers as well as taxpayers to give you a complete overview of your donation income. Donor details are safely recorded giving a precise audit trail to support your tax reclaim.
  • Enter donations as you receive them. You will be prompted to show who the money is from and what fund to allocate it to. Fund Filer takes care of the rest.
  • Make entries for envelope collections, standing orders or any one-off contribution. For real time-saving, save regular donations as 'recurring'.
  • Use specific pages to record donations under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS), aggregated donations, or make adjustments, all with mandatory notes where necessary.
  • View a range of reports and download your data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format.
  • Submit your data direct to HMRC in a few clicks whenever you are ready to make a repayment claim.

What does it cost?

Fund Filer is designed for use by churches and small charities. Once your free six weeks trial has finished, the service costs £99 per year as an annual subscription or £9.90 per month on standing order.

Technical information

Fund Filer has been designed for the internet and has been tested in Windows and Mac environments for technical efficiency.

Fund Filer uses modern internet technology to bring you as smooth and trouble-free an experience as possible. To make the most of this, please ensure you are using the most up to date version of any modern web browser.